MJS AvatarMarcus J. Strom is the Founder and primary researcher of Autonomous Driving Research, an organization dedicated to all things autonomous. He has a Bachelors degree in Information Systems from Texas Tech University, and an MBA in Supply Chain Management & Logistics from Arizona State University. Marcus has worked in various senior engineering levels at Intel Corporation in factory automation and robotics, started various small tech businesses, and taught a wide variety of college level courses. Marcus has over 20 years of experience in project management, systems integration, QA testing, user interface development, marketing, public speaking, and leveraging new technical innovations to generate business results.

However, Marcus’ true passion lies in automotive technologies and driving.  He is focused on vehicle dynamics, driver engagement, and traffic interaction and has over 17 years of high-performance driving experience, and graduated from two professional driving academies. He is an active member of various automobile and racing organizations and is a high-performance driving instructor with ProAutoSports. He recently built a race car to fully educate himself on automotive mechanical basics, fabrication, vehicle dynamics, competition, and durability (Strom Speed). Additionally, he consults many different autonomous start-up ventures, financial investment firms, and third party suppliers in the autonomous and vehicle industries.

Marcus completed contract work in Technical Operations at Google/Waymo, based in Chandler, Arizona. He has maintained self-driving vehicle fleets through install, diagnostics, calibration, qualifying, maintaining, troubleshooting, and operating advanced self-driving autonomous vehicle hardware and software systems as well as OEM platform systems. Marcus has been following autonomous vehicle projects since the 1997 Federal Highway Administration project in San Diego (“nails in the highway!”).

Given the feasibility of today’s autonomous technologies, this is a perfect time to combine his computer technical background with his automotive passions in intelligent transportation and driver behavior/psychology and launch this organization. Marcus is combining his strengths, accomplishments, and passions towards this autonomous driving movement to collectively provide information, evaluate, and participate in the successful integration of Level-3/5 autonomous vehicles onto today’s traffic systems in all global markets.