To evaluate, challenge, inform, & propose solutions for vehicles, drivers, operators, & infrastructure for successful integration of Autonomous Vehicles with current traffic.
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What are the obstacles to integrating Autonomous Driving into current transportation systems?

How will vehicles deal with traction differences, and random weather patterns?


How will drivers of ADV and non-ADVs interact on current roadways?


What changes to infrastructure need to occur to integrate ADV’s onto existing roadways?



ADR is currently working on and/or defining the following research projects for analysis:

  • ADV Test Case Database: Defining use case scenarios for all normal and anomaly driving situations under L2-L4 ADV operations. (in progress)
  • Vehicle Throughput Analysis: Understanding potential impact of ADV behavior on existing roadway traffic. (req. phase)
  • Driver Psychology Impact Study: Defining the mental roadblocks current drivers will have with new ADV & ADAS technologies. (req. phase)


Drivers & Operators

The drivers and operators of Autonomous Vehicles will require new mental models of traffic flow, interactions with the vehicle, interactions with other vehicles, and new human transport models. ADR will research the following:

  • Driver Psychology: How will existing drivers embrace ADV’s; How will their perceptions of driving change in regards to previous known mental models?

  • Driver Behavior: What new behaviors will arise from the use of ADV’s? Will stress levels decrease, productivity increase, and fatalities approach zero? Or will operators become frustrated with the ADV’s learning curve to match human drivers?
  • Destination Input and Management: How will drivers interface with ADV’s efficiently to mimic or improve on communicating destinations to ADV’s? Given the tedious GPS destination inputs today, how can we streamline this so the ADV becomes an extension of us?


What legal policies must be in place to support Autonomous Driving worldwide? What policies need to be changed?

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I think we have all the pieces, and it’s just about refining those pieces, putting them in place, and making sure they work across a huge number of environments—and then we’re done.

Elon Musk Tesla CEO

…we haven’t put a time frame on when we would be introducing a fully autonomous vehicle, but we’ve said when we do we want to make sure it works, it’s safe, and also it’s accessible to everyone.

Mark Fields Ex-Ford CEO